When reserving a tent the first thing to keep in mind is your available space.  Additional space is needed for the staking necessary to secure the tent.  Stake lines extend roughly 5' from each side of the tent, so a 20x40 tent needs approximatley a 30x50 area.  The difference between a canopy(pole) tent and a frame tent is substantial.  Frame tents are built on a frame before being raised and are therefore more sturdy than canopy tents. Canopies have center poles and rely strictly on tension to maintain their shape.  20' wide canopy tents are the most susceptible to the wind and should be reserved for sunshade only.  Sidewalls are not available for 20' wide canopy tents.  Sidewalls are available for canopies larger than 20' wide and all frame tents.  60' wide twin pole high peak tents are very sturdy and make a nice impression at any event.  

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